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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Real scale universe animation

"Explanation: What would it look like to travel across the known universe? To help humanity visualize this, the American Museum of Natural History has produced a modern movie featuring many visual highlights of such a trip. The video starts in Earth's Himalayan Mountains and then dramatically zooms out, showing the orbits of Earth's satellites, the Sun, the Solar System, the extent of humanities first radio signals, the Milky Way Galaxy, galaxies nearby, distant galaxies, and quasars. As the distant surface of the microwave background is finally reached, radiation is depicted that was emitted billions of light years away and less than one million years after the Big Bang. Frequently using the Digital Universe Atlas, every object in the video has been rendered to scale given the best scientific research in 2009, when the video was produced. The film has similarities to the famous Powers of Ten video that has been a favorite of many space enthusiasts for a generation." From:
Thursday, July 23, 2009

The huge shadow called eclipse

What causes an eclipse of the moon?
An eclipse is nothing more than a shadow, actually a huge shadow. Don’t believe on me? What this video and learn more about eclipses and our natural satellite, the moon.

Why doesn't the moon falls down on earth? Actually it falls!

Have you asked for yoursel why doesn't moon falls on earth? Watch this video and find out that actually it is falling, all the time.

Have you ever thought why there aren’t green stars?
Have you ever thought why there aren’t green stars?
Looking to the sky at night we can identify some red stars, yellow stars and blue stars indeed, we’ll never see a green star.
Watch this video and find out the answer.

Stellar evolution video: how stars live and die

What a star really is? How matter ( gas and dust) collapse by the gravity force?
What is the end of a star?
You can find the answers for these questions and much more information about the stars evolutions on this video.

The effects of solar winds

This video shows the effects of solar winds on earth, the hazards, boreal aurora and the earth's magnetic field protection against solar particles

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