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Top 10 science trick for parties

This video elaborated by  Prof Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire (UK) show the best science trick that you can do to in a party to entertain your friends.

Science experiment gone wrong

Faill... Science experiment gone wrong

Very very nice optical illusions!

Very very nice optical illusions!

pharaoh's snake

That is very very dangerous.... be sure of what are you doing ....
"This is a piece of mercury thiocyanide. When decomposing, it makes large volume of ash, much larger than the piece of mercury thiocyanide itself.
By popular demand, here is a recipe to prepare mercury thiocyanide:

You need:
1. concentrated nitric acid (HNO3)
2. mercury (Hg) - from chemist or from thermometers
(alternative - buy mercury nitrate)
3. sodium or potassium thiocyanide (NaSCN or KSCN)

First, dissolve mercury in nitric acid to get mercury nitrate solution.

With concentrated nitric acid your mercury nitrate will probably crystallize - add
sufficient clean water to dissolve the crystals (say, 10 times the volume of nitric acid used).
(Alternatively: dissolve crystals of mercury nitrate in water)
In separate container, dissolve some sodium/potassium thiocyanide in water.
Add thiocyanide solution to mercury nitrate solution and mix it well.
Greyish suspension of insoluble mercury thiocyanide will form - wash with water a …

Methane soap bubbles tower

Mythbusters built a Burnable tower using methane, soap and water!