Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A valley in thirty seconds

"This activity models how tensional forces can cause fractures in rocks, sometimes creating rift valleys" From description of youtube

The earth is a dynamic planet, in ours human life time we barely note that, perhaps just when a volcano erupt or a earthquake destroys a city. Analyzing geological features in rocks we found out pieces of a huge puzzle and then theories are created. To confirm those theories some lab experiments were made. This video shows a qualitative experiment that demonstrates how normal faults are formed in a rifting process.

Chemistry Experiment - How to make a mirror

Mirrors always fascinating the human being, the possibility to look ourselves face to face is a mark in a culture of a people. That’s why these objects were so precious in ancient times and still are for some indigenous tribes.
Nowadays it is used, beside the self admiration, in cameras, telescopes and satellites.
When the man first went to the moon, they left a mirror there, so today using a laser is possible to measure the distance earth moon very accurately.
This videos shows how to make a mirror by using the glucose to reduce a silver complex. The metallic silver is deposited in the flask forming a mirror’s surface.

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